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Address › 233 W Hyman Ave


Admission Required
Drop-in Hockey › $15.00
Freestyle Session › $11.00
Skate Sharpening - Overnight › $7.00
Skate Sharpening - Same Day › $11.00
Stick & Puck › $15
Skate Rental › $3
Ice Rental › $295.00 (per hour)


  • Locker Rooms

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The iconic Aspen Ice Garden has been a part of Aspen’s history for the past 55 years. The Ice Garden is conveniently located in the downtown core of Aspen. It is host to both local figure skating clubs, Aspen Junior Hockey, Adult Recreational Hockey Leagues, adult women’s hockey, Aspen Curling Club, and more. Stop by and play some drop-in hockey. The Ice Garden is also home to the Rare Aspen and Art Aspen - special events held every summer. Call for more information. 970-920-5141.

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Rental/Reservation Info  » 970-429-1733

Dry Floor (June - Aug. 7) › $5,250/Day
Dry Floor Rentals › Contact us to learn more!
Ice Rental › $295/hour

The Aspen Ice Garden isn’t just for hockey and skating events. This facility can be reserved for dry floor events on its 82 foot x 184 foot event floor. The Ice Garden also has bleacher seating for 150 people.

The Aspen Ice Garden becomes transformed every summer when 2 “dry floor” events come into town. Conveniently located just outside the downtown core in Aspen, the Ice Garden has become a favorite destination for visitors anticipating the special events taking place at the recently renovated 50 year old ice rink. The Ice Garden is available for rent during a limited time during the summer. Winter rental is also available. Experience an ice rink like you’ve never seen before and book that next special event with us. 

Call or email Dominic Lanese at (970) 920-5718 or or Jim Pratt at

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