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  • Arenas - 150 x 270 foot Outdoor
  • Arenas - 65 x 150 foot Outdoor
  • Arenas - 85 x 235 foot Indoor Heated
  • Employee housing units - four families
  • Equestrian Facilities - 19 small paddocks
  • Equestrian Facilities - 2 large pastures
  • Equestrian Facilities - 29 indoor heated stalls
  • Equestrian Facilities - 4 larger shared paddocks
  • Historic Barn - one of the oldest intact historic barns of the late 1800’s in the valley

Additional Cozy Point Ranch Info

Welcome to Cozy Point Ranch, one of Aspen’s last great year round working ranches and only public equestrian center. We’re combining our pioneer ranching history with a new sustainable farming ethic to carry our 120 year old legacy through the coming century.

Whether you are looking for an experienced causes and effects caring environment to board your horse, your first riding lesson, or a summer camp experience your child will remember for a lifetime, Cozy Point is the place for you.

The Ranch can serve as your base for exploring the Colorado high country on horseback or your permanent year round recreational home. Learn more, here.

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Camp Cozy Point Rental/Reservation Info

We are excited to grow our program to continue to excite first time riders and to challenge experienced horse show competitors.  We are modifying our daily program mildly to offer more riding opportunities to every rider and even more depth to the learning and fun for each level. Click here for camp information.

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